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Cream Display Freezer

cream display freezer

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Office = Bike + Old MBP + Cinema Display

Office = Bike + Old MBP + Cinema Display

My office at Avery. Somemone put a Cinema Display on my desk for storage or something. I generally don't like people who use my office as storage space as I want to keep my space clean, but this is an exception. I'm using it with permission. It's not as large as my 30", but still very nice to have additional screen real estate :-)

I still carry my old MacBook Pro (Late 2007) when I don't feel like taking the MiniDP-DVI connector with me. It's got a new battery, C2D 2.4GHz, 4GB of RAM, 320GB@7200RPM HDD, so it runs well. If I need more power, then I can connect to my other Macs in my room using BTMM anytime.

A Working Cinema Display

A Working Cinema Display

Is MUCH better than one that doesn't work. For those that don't follow me on twitter, the Cinema Display box that I posted the pic of a few days ago contained a Cinema Display that turned out to be very expensive speakers/usb hub.... Yesterday morning the replacement arrived, and I was very thankful that it works. So now my new setup is complete.

cream display freezer

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