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Small Electric Refrigerator

small electric refrigerator

  • limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a little dining room"; "a little house"; "a small car"; "a little (or small) group"

  • on a small scale; "think small"

  • Small items of clothing, esp. underwear

  • the slender part of the back

Harvesting Ice on Noble's Pond

Harvesting Ice on Noble's Pond

Noble’s Pond was located on Prospect Street where Mr. Noble would cut ice blocks which provided village and town residents with a way to keep perishable food cool in their ice boxes. The ice would be cut in great blocks and stored in saw dust in an ice house located at the edge of the pond. Once electric refrigerators became common, Mr. Noble’s son turned the ice pond into a skating rink. The rink became a very popular recreation spot for village and town residents, who would spend enjoyable afternoons skating to music played on an old Victrola. A small building at the edge of the pond housed a stove, which kept skaters warm as they pulled on their skates. The Village paid Mr. and Mrs. Noble to run the skating rink, which was very hard work, according to their daughter, Clara Wilder. Mrs. Wilder, in the book Pieces in the Attic, told how the rink covered a couple acres and was the place to be in Spencerport during the winter months. The rink was closed when her father died because no one else knew how to run it. Apparently, Mr. Noble dammed up the creek running from Prospect Street to the Canal in order to make the pond each year. He monitored the level of water in the pond carefully because if the water level dropped too low, the ice would cave in. In the spring, he gradually released the water to avoid flooding the yards below the pond.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Everyone wanted to walk where the cast from Outsiders walked. :-) We HAVE to rent that movie!
The theater is located in the Chilton Building built by architect/builder William R. Chilton. The Chilton Apartments were located on the second floor of the building and were “the latest designs in modern efficiency apartments, elaborately decorated and equipped with electric refrigerators.” There were a total of nine apartments upstairs, located off a central hallway. Eight of the apartments were small efficiencies with one being larger and better appointed. The larger apartment was likely for building personnel, possible the owner. In the kitchens, several of the apartments retain their historical efficiency stove/refrigerator/cabinet/sink combinations. Each apartment has a small opening with a wood door from the hallway into the kitchen area, possibly used for milk delivery.

small electric refrigerator

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